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What Are You Doing on Tuesday April 1st?

March 27th, 2014

I need you with me on Tuesday afternoon!  And this is no April fools joke!!

Well, if you’ve been reading the papers or any blogs about the General Assembly lately, you know that your Delegate and Senator left without finalizing either the 2014-16 Budget OR the decision about whether Virginia would provide health insurance for the population of Virginians that live between Medicaid and the federal insurance exchanges now available.

The House has been presented with a couple of different options — ways to provide insurance for that Gap of our population — for people too rich for our current Medicaid plan and too poor for the federal health exchange insurance –  and the House Republicans rejected them all.

The Senate wants to hear from YOU.

On Tuesday, April 1st at 2 PM, the Senate Finance Committee members are holding a Public Hearing.  That day, they are asking for YOUR input.  What should they do?

Should Virginia “Close the Gap“?
Should Virginia accept $2B in federal funding to cover health care?
Is it OK to leave about 400,000 Virginians without either public or private health insurance?

The House Republicans are saying “NO” to each one of those questions, and some of them say that’s what their public want.  They are wrong!

Is that what YOU want?

Want some more info?  Click the links to fact sheets and websites with info.

The Senate wants to hear from you.

General Assembly Building
Senate Room B
2 PM until

I will be there, but my voice will be weak if folks like you do not join me.

Please, Come to Richmond on Tuesday afternoon next week, and tell the Senate what the answers to those questions should be.



March 9th, 2014

Today, the General Assembly of Virginia will close without a decision on whether or not to “Close the Gap” — without a decision on whether or not people who are without insurance today could have access to health insurance tomorrow — without a decision on whether or not Virginia’s Medicaid program be expanded.

The GOOD news is that because YOUR Delegate and Senator are coming home. YOU have another opportunity to meet with them IN THEIR HOME DISTRICT to share YOUR view about Closing the Gap.

The Governor will call the General Assembly back to Richmond on March 24.  In two weeks when they return, they will be asked again adopt a 2014-2016 Biennial Budget and make a decision on Health Care in our state.

How will Virginia Close the Gap to assure access to health care for Virginian’s too rich for Medicaid and too poor to qualify for the Federal Exchange?

Sometime between today and March 24th please, CONTACT YOUR Delegate and YOUR Senator.

You can be sure that some people who already have insurance will be calling and saying NO.  People who apparently hate ObamaCare so much that they don’t care if other people are stuck without care.  People that already have health insurance.  People who have Medicare.  People who just don’t get it!

YOU need to call to say “YES”. YOU need to email to say, “I am your constituent and I AM ASKING YOU TO ‘CLOSE THE GAP’”.

And please, let me know that you have.  We want to know that the people that SUPPORT closing the gap are making calls and sending emails, too.

Thank you!!


VORA and HAV Support the Marketplace

February 25th, 2014

20140225_101140We had to cancel AIDS Awareness Day this year, but HAV provided many folks — like Ruth and Gregg Fordham — an opportunity to visit Virginia’s Delegates and Senators to talk about Closing the Gap in health care coverage, using the proposed Virginia Marketplace program.

This health insurance plan would use federal funds to purchase marketplace health insurance for Virginians between Virginia’s current Medicaid plan and the federal Healthcare.Gov plans.

Ruth and Gregg were visiting the Honorable Algie Howell!